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Some of the games that stand out are of course Iraq beating Portugal 4-2. Also the recent draw to Neymar's Brazil in the Olympics. I think defeating South Korea on penalties who were favourites to win the competiton in the semi final was a fantastic shock result, and also the battering we gave Australia in the group stage that season. Losing to Spain 1-0 in a very close game in the 2009 FIFA Confedirations Cup was a fairly shocking result to everyone (except Martin Keown) as the European Champions were expencted to comfortably beat Iraq when they only scraped a victory. Although this was not on the senoir level, topping our group in the U-20 World Cup group and Adnan's goal to get the late equaliser against England was a remarkable shock result. Ending up as the competitions 4th place was an unexpected outcome which was another memorable shock result.

What are your thoughts and can you remember any others?

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The biggest shock result was failing to beat south Africa in the Olympics and new Zealand in the confederations cup and Syria in the waff final. But if you mean positive shocks then it would have to be portugal 4-2. The best one personally was south Korea though due to the importance

Basim out

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I think the obvious ones which come to mind are the Olympics 2004 and Asian Cup 2007. Pretty much those whole tournaments were shocks because no one expected us to get anywhere in either one. Beating Portugal is probably the #1 shock especially because they had Ronaldo and were Euro 2004 runners up with many of the same players. Even beating Australia in the Olympics was surprising and of course beating them in 2007 Asian Cup and 2010 World Cup qualifying.

But yeah the number 1 shock was 2007 Asian Cup as a whole. Beating Asutralia, South Korea and then completely dominating Saudi Arabia in the final which we should have won about 4-0 instead of 1-0, with a team that was so badly prepared and a manager who was only there for about 2 months.

Unfortunately it doesn't look like we are going to shock anyone with the current team. We are too predictable and lose against all the half-decent teams.

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